Grand Council of Sovereign Clans

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The Grand Council of Sovereign Clans (GCSC) is a collective body of Clan leaders with meeting records dating back to May 27th 2011. The original purpose for this council was to allow Clan Leaders an opportunity to have a voice in the vampire community. The Grand Council of Sovereign Clans has the power to ratify and/or amend existing laws. Their collective voices provide invaluable guidance for the mainstream society of Vampires. The Grand Council of Sovereign Clans may take written suggestions and motions from the Council of Houses and vote on these measures and make them into the effective law that those within the Mainstream must adhere to or serve the consequences of breaking said Laws.


All full undead vampires may attend, excluding outcasts and Rogues. Those not representing a Clan must stand in the balcony and remain silent throughout the duration of the meeting. All those who attend must remove all scripts and HUDs that could post information into local chat. These lag the sim and disturb the meeting. (Those violating rules will be promptly removed from the chambers.)


Clan Sovereigns or Co-Sovereigns are encouraged to attend meetings and provide their voices to the Council. Each Clan may have only one representative sitting at the tables. Should any Clan Sovereign not be able to attend, the Clan Ambassador, or the Clan Proxy may fill in for them. Comatose, Hibernating, or Slain vampires may not represent their Clan.


Each meeting is run by a Chair who is elected on a rotating monthly basis by the Grand Council of Sovereign Clans body. The Presiding Chair and the Official Scribe for each meeting are responsible for creating and distributing the agenda. Any motions, announcements, or changes to the agenda must be done in advance by contacting them directly. Only Acting Arches or Blood Regents may act as the presiding Chairperson.

GCSC Meeting Summaries

  • Listed below, by year, are the available Summaries of the Grand Council of Sovereign Clans meetings. The full meeting chat can be obtained by visiting the Progeny Vampire Scribes Guild.