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  • Within the Progeny Universe, an infernal is a mortal or immortal creature, usually, a Vampire who has been anointed in Diabolic ichor, a process that infuses their corpus with diabolic energy enabling the Infernal to survive for extended periods in Hell without the need for their diabolic expending willpower to protect them from infernal environment. Infernal's aura as a result radiate with the diabolic power of their Patron Diabolic.
  • Infernals serve a given Diabolic or the Diabolics as a whole in a number of ways, primarily as Personal assistant, Chief of Staff, Spokesman or even as Consort. Infernal speak with the authority of their diabolic but only when specifically on a mission for their diabolic or when fulfilling some general role as set out by their Diabolic. However, an Infernal may not engage their Infernal Aura while representing their terrestrial Line, Clan or House.
  • The Infernals' Diabolic anointment must be periodically redone to keep the Infernal power at full strength, as such Infernals can be released from service.
  • Each Infernal has a specific duty or role given to them by their patron Diabolic or Cambion.
  • When an Infernal is wearing the official Infernal Progeny tag, he/she should be treated with the utmost respect. Failure to do so means you may be put face to face with his or her patron Diabolic. So tread lightly or face the fires of hell.

Progeny Infernals

  • Diabolic Domino Franizzi
    • Dunkel Von'Franizzi (norshrine) Chief of Staff
    • LiĻȉ ȘiηčlǟɨR (lilicop) Spanish Translator - Progeny Wiki Admin
    • 亗 Мoгҏңєṳs Ḍґɑǩo Hαгєɮ 亗 (darkextremelittle) - Infernal to the orientation Guild
    • 山Ɲαтαєℓ Viкєη山 (ismailmanovil) - Infernal to the orientation Guild
    • Мαяıʌ Ðяαɢσп Ŧʌпɢ (marievanachter) Infernal to the Ushers
    • Ɠἷʛἷ Ṩᾄвʀᾄ ℭąƦţɧąɠє (gigi.firecloak) Progeny Wiki Admin
    • ViƖƖiαη Vαη Dєr ℜøhє ϯV.W.Vϯ () Progeny Pod cast Team
  • Diabolic αηեσηiα ԑւᶑrլեcի (tonijaconi)
  • Diabolic κλȘȘίε βєℓℓєʍσrṫ (rnielzen)
    • Dσяςαs VιλɖίȘιΘν βєℓℓєʍσrṫ Ϯ (DorcasVladislovBellemort) General Agenda
    • Lord Ɠaνεη Vörðr Drεκι Ŧσгѕaκεη (Gaven Zenfold) - DA´s office Web Designer (IT)
    • Lιz Vøη WιttєƖsвαch Dє Vєηtʀuє (lizvonwittelsbachventrue) process and documentation
  • Cambion Sophie-Jeanne la Douce (SophieJeanneLaDouce)