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Our Eternal Mission: To collect manuscripts, scrolls, and relics. To search and research to discover and preserve ancient histories and knowledge. To work diligently to acquire new knowledge and to provide the unbiased recording of current events. To make all knowledge, ancient and new, freely available to the Vampires of Progeny.

The Progeny Vampire Scribes Guild has been in continuous existence since June the 1st, in the year 2014 when the motion for its creation was passed by the Grand Council of Sovereign Clans. The Guild consists of apprentice, journeyman, master and grand master scribes. The Guild is supported by advisors, linguists, and assistants. Without their help and guidance, not to mention their willingness to sort through dusty tomes and sticky webs, we would not be where we are today.

Extra kudos go out to our linguists who make it possible for us to keep our non-English-speaking communities informed.

All applicants enter the guild as Apprentices. After an initial assessment, they will then choose their future as a scribe, linguist, or assistant. More specialties will be added as we grow. After extensive training and considerable experience scribing meetings, the Apprentice graduates to Journeyman. Through experience, service, or mastery a Journeyman may become a Master. There is no set length of time or set number of meetings, no one will be advanced before the Masters feel they are ready.

Current Scribes

Patron Diabolic

- Oberon Eames

Grand Master Scribes

- Domino Franizzi

- Katerina Kirax-Franizzi

Master Scribes

- ɱιժøгι ßгανeɦeαгէ (midoriprincess)

- ღ Ṕяιṁṁý Åṁвяσşןσ ღ (Prim033110)


- :亗:Vαℓзяiз Dђαямą Eαмзƨ:亗: (valerie856) (ES)

- Ϯէმἶʂhმ Єαɱεʂ ʂεεκεɾƨϮ (taisha26) (ES)

- SɜRɜƝǟ Łɛ ВrĪη Sǟʟʋǟȶօʀɛ (serenaxxoxx) (ES)

- Ϯ Ƚơřҿǹƶǿ Ὀrłóѵ Ϯ (alejandroalvaro) (RU)


- Gabigaile Franizzi (Gabigaile)

Joining the Guild

- We are always in need of more scribes.

- Previous writing experience desired, but not mandatory. We will train you.

- Bilingual Spanish/English is in great demand.

- Bilingual in any language and English is also desirable as one of our goals is to provide basic Progeny training documents in all of the languages used by our great community.

Minimum Requirements

⇒ Have a passion for Progeny History.

⇒ Have excellent communication skills.

⇒ Must be able to maintain confidentiality.

⇒ Have the ability to think before you act or speak.

⇒ Have the ability to maintain impartiality.

⇒ Must be dependable.

⇒ Must be at least 50 nights old in Progeny.

An application is available on the bookshelf in the Guild Archives, upstairs from the Great Library in the Progeny Castle.

If you are interested, please fill one out and give it to one of the Master Scribes or drop it into the mailbox located in the Guild Archive.

Applicants should be in good standing within the community and not currently an Outcast or Delinquent Renegade.