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Age is the number of nights a player has been active within Progeny. Age affects minor stats based on the age group it falls under:
Age, in Nights Age Group Description
<30 Fledgling (Rookie) The first 30 nights as a vampire is a perfect time for intense learning, including attunement to the community and its culture.
30 Mature After 30 nights a fledgling becomes mature. They have overcome the most uncertain moments of their existence as newborns of a well-matured community.
300 Old Having become Old, the member has had not quite a year in the game. It is likely they have garnered reasonable respect as a Progeny vampire.
500 Venerable The Venerables have survived for about a year and a half. They are going through the natural process of accumulating immense knowledge along the way.
1,000 Ancient Experienced and numerous, those of Ancient age (and older) have come far and undoubtedly have weathered much trial and tribulation.
1,500 Colossus Vicious with the fang and tongue, it can be said these have mastered life as undead. They may have risen to command an existence as influential members of the community.
2,000 Leviathan (Leviatan) A Leviathan is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 2,000 nights in age.
2,500 Behemoth (Giant) A Behemoth is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 2,500 nights in age.
3,000 Gorgonian A Gorgonian is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 3,000 nights in age.
3,500 Promethean (Prometheus) A Promethean is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 3,500 nights in age.
4,000 Tartaric (Tartaran) A Tartaric is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 4,000 nights in age.
4,500 Typhon A Typhon is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 4,500 nights in age.
5,000 Draconian A Draconian is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 5,000 nights in age.
6,000 Lomarian A Lomarian is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 6,000 nights in age.
7,500 Empyrean An Empyrean is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 7,500 nights in age.
10,000 Immortal An Immortal is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 10,000 nights in age.
15,000 Eternal An Eternal is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 15,000 nights in age.
25,000 Devourer of Worlds A Devourer of Worlds is a vampire in the Progeny system more than 25,000 nights in age.
Altar, Revival

A revival alter is a ceremonial platform with the ability to revive a vampire from a coma state with help from another vampire. It can also deliver a new or replacement HUD if needed. These may be owned by the leaders of a bloodline, clan or house.

Revival altars can be found on Progeny land, near the Scribes' Guild.

Second to the Sovereign of a Clan, Ambassadors are Officers and Representatives of a given Clan.
Ancillary Diabolic
a Diabolic role that replaces and enhances the previously unused roll of “Lesser Diabolic”. Ancillary Diabolics are full Diabolics, one rank above Cambion and one rank below Greater Diabolic. They have full voting rights and will be part of the Core Diabolic team. They may be able to assist with Support Issues as Greater Diabolics do, but that is not their role and more often than not, they will need to kick any issue up to the Greater Diabolics, so for the time being any support requests should be directed to the Greater Diabolics.
Arch Conclave
The Arch Conclave is the convening place in physical and psychic forms. It is within here that the Arch Vampires and their Blood Regents may interact in privacy in regards to community matters.
Apostate Clan
Are clans that have renounced direc loyalty to their sponsoring Arch/Line. This does NOT automatically make them a Renegade clan. Nore does it automatically place them in the ACC (apostate clan coalition) faciton. They have to (and probably should) join that faction, but it's up to them. Going Apostate is simply declaring your clan is no longer directly loyal to a single blood line but is instead "loosely" under all blood lines, paying respect to, but not necessarily subject to the whole Arch Conclave. As such you are still participating in the legal system etc, and so long as you remain in good standing, you do not go renegade. IF, however, you are Anti-Arch rather than Global Arch, this may and probably will lead you into being "ALSO" a renegade clan or maybe even EoVS.
Arch Regent
An Arch Regent is the temporary, or even transitionary title that a Blood Regent obtains during a time of their Arch Vampire’s extensive absence.
Arch Vampire
Embraced by The Source, Lachiel, and Arch Vampire becomes the progenitor of an entire genetic pool or tree known as a Bloodline.
Arch Advisor
Members who have been chosen to counsel their Arch vampire.

Defined as the "3rd" accepted position of authority for a bloodline, the Arch Adviser in terms of their role in the realm is not part of the Mantle of Power shared by the Arch and their Blood Regent, however they are a respected elder and as such, officially welcomed to speak on their behalf when neither are available, in much the same way as the Proxy of the great Vampire Clans. They hold no official power within the realm outside their own line as decided by their own Arch, yet remain a respected voice in inter-Line communication. As such their title and role is an honorific not coupled to any group role or power within the realm as a whole. There can be only one Arch Adviser per line, and they carry the voice of the Arch rather than acting from their own position of authority

A future feature to be implemented.
Bite; Gentle
The least messy, yet most time consuming of options, Gentle allows one to consume more and spill less.
Bite; Normal
An option in between the clean Gentle bite and the massive spillage from Ravage, Normal is the middle ground between quicker consumption at the cost of additional blood spill
Bite; Ravage
The Ravage bite produces a lot of blood spillage. Perfect for expedited feeding as well as use for fighting.
Blood Bank
The Blood Bank is a physical location found on the Progeny sim. Here, a vampire will find the chair device used for storing or withdrawing blood, as well as sending saved blood to another member. Note: There now exists locations of Blood Bank chairs off of the sim, inquire with your Arch Vampire or Sovereign if there’s one accessible to you.
Blood Bank Board
A device that records the amount of stored blood at various degrees of activity, ranging from the last week to of all time.
Blood Loss
Consuming the blood from a mortal drains them of their finite amount. As their loss of blood increases, their state of health degrades. The following list expresses this loss from healthiest downwards.
-Near Death
-Quite Dead
In the Progeny: Vampire Universe, a bloodline is a subspecies of vampire. Each bloodline is headed by an Arch Vampire, a Patriarchal or Matriarchal figure whose own distinctiveness shapes the traits and abilities of all vampires in the given bloodline. All vampires within Progeny belong to a bloodline. Being a member of a bloodline often carries with it a strong social identification. Most vampires tend to associate most strongly with members of their own bloodline. However, in recent times, intermixing is becoming more common with modern Clans and Houses.
Blood Regent
A Blood Regent is a second in command of their Arch Vampire’s Bloodline. It is at the Arch’s discretion to decide who they wish to have as their Blood Regent and be a voice of them and their Line.
The series of books used by the house and clan officers for administrative purposes.
A Clan is best described as a “Nation” of Vampires. Clans are political units who, if they submit to recognized authority of the GCSC, may have representation in that respective political chamber. Clans contain Houses.
Clan Leader
Ambiguous reference to a Clan Officer, whether Sovereign, Ambassador or Proxy.
Clan Sovereign
The leader of a Clan. Alternatively, there may be a “Co-Sovereigns” as shared leadership under mutual agreement between two individuals.
A status induced when a Vampire succumbs to their Subsistence, reaching 0.000 liters of blood. Coming out of a Coma requires the assistance of another Vampire at a Revival Altar.
Council of Houses
AKA “CoH”, the Council of Houses is the convening body of Houses. As GCSC and its Clans may be perceived as Nations under a “United Nations” assorted chamber, CoH is akin to state-level politics like a Senate.
Second in command of a House, Delegates are decided at the discretion of the House Princeps.
Devils Advocate
The Progeny equivalent to a public defender in the court system.
A Diabolic is an infernal entity that, in the Progeny universe, is decided on to assist The Source in his endeavors. Diabolics take up various reasons for their existence and all at as technical support to assist the members of Progeny when needed.
Diabolic Law
System rules for Progeny enforced by the Diabolic Conclave
Dissident Clan
is one who has broken faith with the Arch who sponsored them. and who has not been under and faithful to a new arch for a significant period of time.
Draught of Life
AKA “DoL”, the Draught of Life brings a Shade back to Quick status at the level of Sickly. If they use a second potion, they will be healed to 100%.
Dove / Hallowed Ground {HUD}
A status that occurs at various locations. Like the Progeny sim or Scribes guild. These are protected lands that allow Progeny Vampires to conduct Clan and House business without attacks. A Diabolic is capable of forcing the status on the HUDs of all within 20 meters, as well.
When a Vampire is removed from the system with no hope of return without direct intervention from a Diabolic or the Operion.
The act of bringing in a new Progeny into the system/community.
Enemy of Vampire Society
Factions only apply to IGS (in good standing) Clans within the GCSC. RAFs and ACCs are political factions that advocate for, and are friendly to RROs and Apostate Clans respectively, members of these clans promote adendas to support the lifestyle and rights of those clans while they themselves remain IGS and adhere to GCSC Laws etc.
Partially embraced, in a sense, a Familiar will act as a peculiar mortal whose life may be extended and blood regeneration multiplied so as to serve Vampires as reliable resources for blood.
A component that all Vampires have. As a tool, it allows the HUD to be used so that a Vampire may feed.
The act of using the HUD so as to consume/drain the blood of another individual.
The number that declares your distance from your Arch, and in extension, The Source. Arch Vampires may be perceived as Generation Zero.
Grand Council of Sovereign Clans
AKA “GCSC”, the Grand Council of Sovereign Clans acts as the sole political body at present that acts as the political stage for Clans. Membership, itself, is only maintained by submission to the laws and regulations that this body wishes to collectively pursue. Denouncement of this organization makes a Clan a Renegade Clan.
Hallowed Ground
(Possible future item) An opt-out object that can be rezzed on a parcel of land that will deactivate the Progeny Vampire HUD, thereby stopping vampires from attacking while in the area. A dove will appear on the HUD if you are on Hallowed ground.
Heart Stone
This device allows you to see the status of your minions. It also allows you to send blood to them in an emergency situation.
A state for a vampire to willingly, or even forcefully be put in that stops Subsistence from taking effect, however it also limits the Vampire’s options in activity. Suited best for those who suspect that they will be away from the Realm for an extended period. There exist two options for this status. The cheaper option doesn’t generate Age, while the second one generates Age at 1 for every 2 days.
Hibernation Chamber
This device allows you to sleep for an extended period of time. It can be found in the Progeny castle.
A state level, and more family-oriented in concept, entity. Houses can be created based upon the respective Clan policies and reaching requirements set forth by the given Clan.
House Leader
Like Clan Leader, House Leader may be perceived as an ambiguous term for the three House Officers. Princeps, Delegate and Liaison.
The device that is placed on your screen and allows for you to interact with the Progeny System. As stated by Lachiel, the HUDs are mere role play tools – devices to assist in your partaking in Progeny.
HUD, Bite
The option that allows for you to Feed.
HUD, Scan
This option allows for the individual to see the status of those nearby.
HUD, Self-Scan
Allows for the individual to check their Progeny System statistics.
Known also as Quicks and often called “mortals”, humans are the source of a vampire’s sustenance.
A Diabolic Aid that serves a given Diabolic. They are due the same respect as their Diabolic when they are actively in their role as Infernal (when they are doing a given task for their Diabolic) The infernal cannot represent there diabolic and their clan or house at the same time.
The Tribunal Process in the Progeny world.
The equivalent of the District Attorney for the Progeny Inquisition Process.
Lapse into Slain
If a vampire is in a coma for 30 nights, they lapse into slain state.
A Vampire that has not created any Progeny
The third in command of a House.
A politically-based term, where you may declare your loyalty to someone, abiding by their House and Clan laws and rules.
In Progeny: Vampire, Lycans will have various perceptions. Taking various forms, from wolves to bears, and even jackals, a Lycan is an anthromorphic being of peculiar origins. They will be released with HUD support as fully interactive entities in the Progeny System.
The investigator of complaints for the Inquisition process.
A politically-based term of an individual who swears fealty to another.
A vampire who is not part of any recognized Social Group.
Outcast Penalty
A Vampire that has been cast out of or chosen to leave their bloodline, clan or house for personal or political reasons. An outcast vampire suffers an additional 0.25l/day of subsistence, and has no direct contact with The Source and limited assistance from the Grave Designs support team. Outcast vampires do not need to abide by the Vampire Society laws passed by the Grand Council, but also have no protection (other than their wits) against attack from other vampires.
Political Factions
Renegade Faction
Arch Conclavists
ACs, They are just fanatically loyal to their Arch, they exist.
GBLs, Globalists kind of lean towards unifying all clans under a central authority of the GCSC, at least with regards to GCSC authority and the progeny legal system, kind of the opposite of RROs (Renegades, Rogues & Outcasts).
Potency is an abstract term for the measurement of power in a vampires blood stream. Potency is generated naturally over time. The older the vampire is, the faster they generate potency. Potency is the property of the blood that allows it to impart vampirism during the siring process.

In Game Terms; potency is a system that prevents abuse of the free nature of the system, by restricting how quickly one can create progeny, especially at early stages. This in turn adds value to the gift of vampirism as sires tend to be far more picky with whom they choose to spend their potency on.

Potency, Apparatus
The device used when an individual wish to store their accumulated Potency into a Crystal.
Potency, Crystal
The item with which an individual can store their accumulated Potency into. Crystals will be marked with the name and date of the individual whose Potency is stored in it. Consuming, or taking, the Potency removes the existence of the Crystal and leaves only the egg it was held in.
Potency, Stone
An item that can be purchased or gifted to another and contains a set amount of Potency to take. 1, 5 and 50 are the presently available size options.
The definitive title of the House Leader themselves.
Most easily described as a social number or ranking for those that choose to use it in their Role Play.
Prestige is ADDED once per week based on the following Point System:

1) Your Children: For each of the vampires you sire directly, you receive 0 points

2) Your Children’s Children:

a) Your Generation +2, you receive +1 or + 0.5. Bonus point is determined if there are more + 3 generation than + 2 generation

b) Your Generation +3 you receive +5 or + 2. Bonus point is determined if there are more +4 generation than +3 generation.

c) Your Generation +4 you receive +10 or +5. Bonus point is determined if there are more +5 generation than +4 generations.

d) Your Generation +5 you receive +10. Bonus point is for all that are your generation +5.

   Prestige is SUBTRACTED for the following:

1) Being Slain results in a penalty of -1000 Prestige points for the week 2) Being in a Coma results in a penalty of -500 for the week. You will accrue an additional -500 each week you remain in a coma.

The definition of Progeny is one of the following two;
1. The Progeny System itself.
2. A member of Progeny, as they’re embraced under a Sire, they’d be the Sire’s Progeny.
A Clan officer or the third in charge of a clan.
A human, a mortal.

The Progeny System refers to all avatars which have not joined the System as Quicks. They are humans; the source for blood which is a vampire’s sustenance, without which Subsistence brings them down into a Coma. Thus Quicks are looked upon as food by the long-lived races of the Progeny System. Drawing too much blood from a Quick will kill them; turning them into a Shade. Etymology: "Quick" is an antiquated English word for living humans. It survives in phrases such as "the quick and the dead," meaning the living and the dead. (For examples, see the King James Bible: Acts 10:42; 2 Titus 4:1; 1 Peter 4:5.)

Recovery Cycle, Coma
This is a naturally occurring process for vampires, over time a slain vampire will recover to coma state where they can be revived with the aid of another vampire. This state lasts for a short period before the vampire cycles back into the slain state. The time it takes to recover increases each time the vampire transitions into slain from coma without being revived.
Recovery Cycle, status
To see where you are in the cycle, lay on a revival altar. It will tell you how many days have to pass before you are next in a coma state. In the event that the estimated time is too long to be desirable, a Vampire Restoration Potion (VRD) can be purchased and consumed to effect instant recovery.
To change the one you you have sworn your loyalty to.
To change your creator. This is done by a magical device that infuses a new sire’s blood into yours. This is located in the arena of the main Grave Designs sim.
Renegade Clan
A Clan that Opposes or Ignores the rules of the GCSC.
Under certain special circumstances, the Source may enact a ritual to bring a slain vampire back to un-dead status w/o the intersession of recovery time or revival altars.
Restoration Potion
A potion consumed by a slain vampire to return instantly to an un-dead state. This magic is not without cost to the vampire’s well being and will cause the vampire to require more blood to survive than prior to the ingestion of the potion.
Resurrection, Clean
If a vampire has not created progeny during it’s time as an un-dead, then it is resurrected cleanly, leaving little or no trace of its presence in the world of the un-dead.
Resurrection, Purge
If all the progeny of a resurrected vampire also become resurrected, the corpus shadow of all disintegrate and the chain become “clean”. This has only happened a few times in history but is, nonetheless, possible. Legend has it that once an entire blood line was purged. This may or may not be true. But the fact is, if a vampire and all their progeny are resurrected no corpus shadow remains after the last of the Progeny is resurrected.
Resurrection, Tainted
If a vampire has created Progeny, that vampire cannot be cleanly resurrected. A shadow of the resurrected vampire’s corpus remains. The resurrected vampire’s progeny remains sired by its Corpus Shadow. And its minions become the minions of its own sire. The sire of the resurrected vampire still feels the potency weight of the previous embrace and shows to be the Sire of the corpus shadow.
A very rare act of Source Intervention that “cures” a vampire returning them to life as a human.
Revival Altar
A ceremonial platform that has the ability to revive a vampire from a coma state with help from another vampire willing to donate potency for this purpose. The altar is also a way to get a new or replacement HUD.
To be returned to un-dead from a coma state.
Status of an individual that is a part of a Rogue House.
Rogue House
A Progeny house that is not part of a Clan. An outlaw house/syndicate or other underworld organization.
Also referred to as scanning. Scrutinizing allows you to check the status of avatars near you to see if they are edible or another vampire.
When a vampire consumes too much of an individual’s blood, they fall into the Shade status. Biting from a Shade will result in vomiting blood and losing it, as it is consumption of “Dead Man’s Blood”.
Being embraced into Progeny requires someone providing the Gift of The Source, vampirism. In doing so, they become an individual’s Sire. Re-Siring is to take
Status that occurs when an individual is killed by another Vampire or if they persist in Coma status, leading to this.
Humans who will take up arms and be combat-oriented in pursuit of standing against the infernal blights that are Vampires and Lycans. They will be HUD-supported in the future.
Source Ichor
Extremely rare, to say the least. The Source Ichor is vintage bottles of Lachiel’s blood, with which the consumption of in sips, or entirely in one go, will yield statistically various results ranging from boosts in Age, drop in Subsistence to even the sliver of a chance of producing a new Arch Vampire.
The Source
The Source is the progenitor of all Vampires. Known as Lachiel, what little is known is that he is a fallen angel who primarily resides in the depths of Hell.
The authoritative leader of a Clan, they dictate who’s to be their subordinate Clan Officers and have final say in Clan-level actions and decisions.
Every night (12 AM SLT) a set amount of blood is lost as a small price to pay for immortality. Allowing the Subsistence to take too much without replacing through feeding will result in going into a Coma.
Active, live Vampire.
The job of an usher is to welcome the nocturnal creatures arriving in the lands of Progeny and to assist them with any questions they may have about Progeny.
Vampire Restoration Draught
AKA “VRD”, the Vampire Restoration Draught exists as an immediate solution to bring a Vampire out of Slain status at the cost of a permanent .020 addition to Subsistence.