Knights of the Shielded Blood

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Knights of the Shielded Blood
The Knights Of The Shielded Blood were forged in Progeny Vampire Realm to aid the nations of its vampires fraught with unprovoked attacks from an escalating number of dissident combatants. The Knights are bound by Blood Oaths of Service, Defense and Feilty. The Knights are governed by a bonded agreement between a vampire and The Shielded Blood which guarantees the unbiased protection of their patrons until the contracts fruition. The Shielded Blood shall not engage in inane objectives or serve as a fighting force against other vampires beyond the scope of an agreement. The Shielded Blood is sanctioned under the ministry of the Greater Diabolic, Antonia and lead by Cruicifer Grand Knight, Babu Eldritch Immortali.
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Knights Rankings
Knight Lieutenant The first level of a “Knight Officer.” A “Knight Lieutenant” is a ranked Officer within a Priory or Commandery that is trusted for extra responsibility and duties. They have demonstrated faithfulness to their Commanders. They don’t have their own group to command but perform a function or purpose within their priory. Priors have the authority to appoint their Lieutenants.
Knight Captain A Knight Lieutenant who has proven themselves as an officer and is being given more responsibility within the Priory. Priors have the authority to appoint their Captains
Knight Major A Knight Captain who has highly proven themselves as an officer and has gone above and beyond. They are being given more responsibility within the Priory. Priors have the authority to appoint their Majors.
Knight Commander A Knight who is given a Commandery consisting of at a least 5 knights besides the Commander (total of 6)
Provincial Commander A Knight Commander is promoted to a Provincial Commander when he has proven himself as a Knight Commander for at least one year and has at least 10 members in his group. They are not independent and serve under the Prior.
Master Commander A Knight Commandery (see definition above) who is promoted to act independently of any Prior over an entire state or Priory.
Grand Secretary The Grand Secretary records proceedings, attends all regular and special meetings of the Order, along with the National Treasurer can receive monies paid into the Order taking his receipt, establish an accounting system with the Grand Treasurer, which will account for, in detail, all the monies received by, or paid out by the Order. National Secretary/Researcher will assist the Grand Prior preparing an agenda for online meetings or conclaves, prepare a personal file for each member and their ranks, records, applications, dues, and conduct. Dues will be monitored, both current, and past due. National Secretary/Researcher is also in charge of all grant writing. The Grand Secretary will be the third in line from the top.
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