Political Factions (English)

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GCSC Political Factions Abbreviation Definition
Arch Cabalists AC's Clans that are fiercely loyal to their Arch Vampire
Apostate Clans Coalition ACCs ACC's Clans who have broken faith with their sponsoring Arch
Globalists GBLs Globalists lean towards unifying all clans under a central authority of the GCSC
Independents INDs Independents or non-specified.
Renegade Advocacy Faction RAF's Clans that support rights for Renegades, Rouges and Outcasts. This is a Faction of Clans with actual Voting Rights within the GCSC.
Traditionalists TRs Traditional law-abiding Vampires who adhere to and prefer the old ways of progeny.
Member and Individual Status Flags
Minister Minister Minister for each faction will be elected by the clans within the faction.
Renegade Group RROs Clans who have lost their voting rites, but otherwise participate in the GCSC
Enemy of the Vampire State EOVS Clans that have been bared from the GCSC for repeated or egregious violations. Renegade and EoVS status can ONLY be removed by application to the GCSC and subiquent Vote.
Enemy of State(s) EoS an individual found by the GCSC to be guilty of crimes against vampire kind. Clans who harbor these individuals may be subject to Renegade or EoVS status.

RAFs vs Renegades. RAFs or the Renegade Advocacy Faction. are a group of Clans that support rights for Renegades, Rouges and Outcasts, this is a Faction of Clans with actual Voting Rights within the GCSC. Actual Renegade Clans (clans declared Renegade by themselves or the GCSC) do not have voting rights and will not appear as belonging to this faction. Using the clans book they will be able to set this faction, it will just not be visible in their scans until they get the Renegade status removed from the clan.

Renegade and EoVS can be declared by the Clan itself, or by vote of the GCSC however, these statuses can ONLY be removed by vote of the GCSC.

We do expect Renegade (but not EoVS) Clans to work closely with Voting Clans in the RAF faction. EoVS's can do so behind the scans just not officially.