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—------------------------------------------------ PROGENY VAMPIRE SYSTEM LAWS UPDATE: JUNE 2023 —------------------------------------------------

System Laws / Diabolic Laws:::

1. There is no biting anywhere within 30 meters of Lachiel or a Diabolic anywhere inworld unless permission is given by Lachiel or the Diabolic in question.

2. Biting a Diabolic is cause for instant death and/or system ban for a period of at least 5 days. The context of the attack and the history of the attacker will influence the decision of the punishment and the time imposed by the Diabolic bitten.

3. Vampires that wish to manifest themselves as a Claudia style vampire (Young/Child vampires) are more than welcome to do so, so long as it is in keeping with SL TOS.

4' The SIM known as Ibiza (Freebie Galaxy) is declared a Lawless Wasteland.

Vampires who travel there do so at their own risk. *No Diabolic Law, Inter-Clan Law, or Intra-Clan Law will be enforced at that location.

5. The following are words and terms that are restricted from use AS THE NAME OF Clans or Houses:

"Outcast" or any translation of this.

"Rogue" or any translation of this. - Exception: Officially formed and designated

Rogue Houses may use this word for their House

"Source/Apeiron/Diabolic/Cambion" or any translation of these, nor the forenames of any of those currently holding these titles (IE Lachiel/Oberon/Kassie/Antonia etc…) if used in any derogatory fashion and without permission of the used named person.

"Arch/Blood Regent/Arch Advisor" or any translation of these or names of the individuals holding these roles unless with permission (except in the circumstance of a generic name being used by an individual).

Any word that is deemed profane, insulting, offensive, and thus risks bringing the tone of the system into disrepute.

6. The following titles are restricted for individuals to use in their Scans unless they hold a Title listed:





Arch Vampire

Blood Regent

Arch Advisor











Note: Outcast is defined as "Not belonging to a Clan and House". Note: No words that are considered profanity, insulting, or offensive are acceptable.

7. No Progeny player will show a non-progeny player the system scans in public chat.

8. No Progeny player will reveal a non-Progeny Player (Human) a PV player’s true identity (scan) of being a Progeny Vampire System’s member.

9. Information about bites or any other system´s attack or system data shall not be revealed to any non-Progeny player, neither by private nor public means.

10. Revealing your own identity as a Progeny player is not a violation.

11. All Vampires who are Recognized Clan Officers, Proxys, Ambassadors, CoSovereigns, Sovereigns, Blood Regents and Arch Vampires, are required to treat each other with respect and in a diplomatic manner in all Public Venues and within Official Diabolically sponsored channels.

12. All Vampires below the station of Clan officers must likewise treat with respect all vampires equal to or above that station, with respect and decorum due their station, in all Public venues, as well as Diabolically Sponsored Private Venues.

13. Sharing of disrespectful comments from private conversations by any participant in that private conversation will be treated as a violation of the above laws (Points 11 and 12 laws).

14. Do Not use Progeny System Components to attack others while on Parcels and Regions where you are banned. Vampires who are Region or Parcel Banned and use third party tools to access those restricted locations, and subsequently use Progeny Components to attack individuals who have rights to be on those locations will be in violation of this rule (e.g. Circumventing SL's built in security).

15. No vampire may attack another vampire without consent in the private home of another vampire where the intended victim is the land’s owner or an invited guest. Taking part in an organized RP story (Progeny SLARP) is exempt from this law with the StoryTeller GM’s permission.

● A Private Home is defined as private land owned by a Progeny Vampire, Parcel or Region intended for private personal use. This protection extends to the owner and any guests who have been granted Guest Right by the rightful owner.

● When is a Home not a home? When it is used for Official Clan or House business, as a base of operations, for official meetings, gatherings etc as official Clan or House social or political Functions, open to the public in the form of a business.

16. The use of invisibility devices (that remove the name and tag) in conjunction with Progeny system components against other Progeny players are strictly prohibited (e.g. biting a Progeny player while invisible and with no name and tag visible). Note: It must be verified with a video or several screenshots of the FULL screen of the viewer.

17. The following features on a 3rd party device are strictly prohibited.

● Interceptions hud to hud or hud to fangs communications

● Off-sets modification (changes in the adjustments or displacements applied to the position or rotation of the hit-box with respect to the avatar's body).

● Pushers (any device that pushes the opponent, followers that have a tracking range less than or equal to 0.8 meters will have a pusher effect, so it is recommended to configure them at a greater distance).

● Instantaneous or almost instantaneous movements through devices called Non Physical Vehicle (NPV).

● Devices that at all times keep the attacker behind the opponent, preventing the opponent from choosing the attacker as a target (in case the opponent is not using a follower, they will not be able to compensate for this action of any normal follower, so it will not be considered a violation). Note: It must be verified with a video or several screenshots of the FULL screen of the viewer.

18. The use of non-Progeny huds (magic, griefing, combat, or otherwise) that freeze, detain or crash an avatar are strictly prohibited. (In-system attack by the user of the HUD or by some other player who is in collusion with the user of the HUD must be proven). Note: It must be verified with a video or several screenshots of the FULL screen of the viewer.

19. Using 3rd Party Tools to Track and follow a Vampire who has Teleported away in order to flee combat. I.E. Using software to find out where the fleeing vampire went and following them, chasing them from SIM to SIM. This does NOT apply when a vampire simply crosses sim boundaries to a neighboring sim. Or the use of Scouts. e.g. the fleeing vampires TPs to a sim where one of your allies is hanging out and they TP you in. This rule is strictly for Tracking and following post TP via 3rd party tools and viewer hacks etc.

Possibles Punishment for Violations of this laws above: Will be determined on a case by case basis by the Diabolic Conclave but may be deferred to the Arch Tribunal at the discretion of the Diabolic Conclave. Possible Punitive measures will be based on the severity of the violation but may include the following:

a) Fang Breakage for a set period of time. Vampire will not be able to feed or defend themselves, they will be dependent upon the blood bank for survival until their fangs grow back.

b) Fang Dulling for a set period of time. Vampire will be able to feed on Quick, but not other vampires until their fangs grow back. Both of the above can be applied to the individual or group as deemed appropriate by the Diabolic Team.

Blood Line Sanctions for a set period of time:

a) The Entire blood line of an arch Can be placed in Suspension (as if extinct) for a set period of time. Where vampires will not be able to resire into, or sire new offspring during that period.

System Banning Clan Dissolution Blood Line Extinction (preferment e.g banning of the Arch).

Grave Design Sims Rules

Upon entering any of the official Progeny Lands, you are agreeing to follow these rules. Should you break them, you will be permanently banned from the Progeny SIM. These rules only are in effect when on the Progeny SIMS.

1. There are no attacks of any kind anywhere on the sims. Except during the Ravage event. Attacks consist of any acts of aggression (such as, but not limited to; biting or combat with weapons) not agreed upon previously by all parties involved. Such agreements need to be recorded and provided upon request or the actions will be assumed not to have been consented to.

2. Griefing will not be tolerated. All TOS rules are to be observed.

3. his is a Mature SIM, not an adult SIM. no nudity, and no public sexual acts.

4. Child Avatars are allowed so long as they maintain the standards of SL decency.

Progeny Groups Chat Rules

1. This rule applies to all official Progeny related chat groups.

2. DO NOT use foul language! If you do, you will get one warning and then a 30-day group suspension.

3. Be considerate and respectful of other players, especially the Source, Diabolics, Arch Vampires, Blood Regents and Infernals.

4. Discriminatory discussions involving racial, sexual, religious, political, vulgar, and argumentative views are discouraged.

5. Take arguments to private IM.

6. If someone asks for help, please help if you can.

7. If the chat is offending you or you find it overwhelming, use the small x to close the window.

8. DO NOT post any type of web links into the group.

9. DO NOT post any bounties in any of the Progeny Official Groups.

10. Contact a Diabolic if inappropriate behavior occurs. It is up to the Diabolics as to how situations will be handled.