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A Scribe is a person who writes books or documents by hand as a profession and helps keep track of records. The profession, previously found in all literate cultures in some form, lost most of its importance and status with the advent of printing. The work could involve copying books, including sacred texts, or secretarial and administrative duties, such as taking dictation and the keeping of business, judicial and, historical records for kings, nobles, temples, and cities. Later the profession developed into public servants, journalists, accountants, typists, and lawyers. In societies with low literacy rates, street-corner letter-writers (and readers) may still be found providing a service.

The first Charter of the Guild of Scribes was created and present by Domino Franizzi and Katerina Kirax from the Clan Blood Myst of Dark Retribution. Approved 6/01/2014 by the GCSC Updated on 03/06/2021 with the collaboration of Verðandi ς Pöɳʈεʋεččɨö Rαѕѕir (verdandii.mercury) with the approval of the Diabolic Conclave

On 06/01/2019, the Scribes Guild's 5th year anniversary, the Scribe’s Guild passed from being an office of the GCSC to become an extension of the Diabolic Conclave.

The Guild Master will be appointed by the Diabolic Conclave.

Scribe Initiates will be volunteers ideally at least one from each bloodline. Their talents, abilities, and dedication will be assessed by the Guild Master. Each initiate will be assigned a Master for training.

While a scribe can come from any house or clan, it is important that while they are performing their sworn duty of scribe, they must set aside any clan or house ties for the duration of that duty. As scribe, their entire attention must be focused on accurately and completely collecting the data they are asked to scribe. Editing and interpreting the data is not for the Scribe.

Responsibilities of the Progeny Guild of Scribes

  • The guild will collect all past manuscripts and texts to preserve knowledge.
  • The guild will make it a priority to scour the dusty archives in this world and the next to collect

whatever scraps of information remain about our earlier existence.

  • The guild will preserve knowledge in written form so that it may be saved for future

generations in a Library.

  • The Library of The Progeny Guild of Scribes will collect all manuscripts and texts from official

Progeny meetings and gatherings to preserve knowledge and make them available to all of Progeny via notices and the Library archives.

The Scribe's Guild must be considered neutral and their lands and libraries sacrosanct. For they are the keepers of our secret and ancient histories. Clan and house feuds and wars must be left at the doors and all who seek information must come in peace.

The leadership of the Progeny Guild of Scribes

  • The Guild of Scribes will only answer to the Diabolic Conclave.
  • The Guild of Scribes will be available to all species in the Progeny system with a branch

within for each species.

Roles and Duties in the Progeny Guild of Scribes The Guild Master (Grand Master Scribe) The Guild Master shall be the chief executive officer of the organization and shall direct the activities of the organization, including all schedules and keeping of the Library and its secrets. The Guild Master will report solely to the Diabolic Conclave from where he/she is appointed. The Guild Master may be Re-Appointed at any time for any reason that the Diabolic Conclave sees fit.

The Master Scribe The Master Scribes will be selected from a pool of scribes by the Guild Master and affirmed by the Diabolic Conclave. The Master Scribe will assist the Guild Master in his or her duties. The master scribe will be responsible for the teaching of all scribes in the Progeny Scribes Guild. There may be more than one Master Scribe as younger scribes gain experience and expertise and rise within the system. There is the possibility of several disciplines to arise here. An organized master might become a Master of Libraries, whereas a curious master might become a Master of Histories etc.

The Scribe The Scribe will be responsible for all dictation of meeting notes, including proper format and making these notes available to the system via Notices and a Library of past events.

  • With the permission of the Guild Master, the skills of a Scribe may be loaned to those who wish

private meetings or events transcribed and saved in the histories. The presence of an anointed Scribe at a Wedding or Execution or the bestowal of a House or Clan will lend gravity and legitimacy to the situation as well as helping to flesh out the rich archives of Lore.

Joining the Guild Qualifications for Progeny Guild of Scribes

All positions in the Progeny Guild of Scribes will be volunteer positions. Will be Un-Dead for no less than 50 nights. Will have a passion to serve Progeny. Will have a passion for Progeny History. Will have excellent communication skills. Must be able to maintain confidentiality. Must have the ability to maintain impartiality. Must be dependable. Has never been on the EOS List. Will be in good standing with our Source. Will be in good standing with Diabolic Conclave. Will be in good standing with the Arch Conclave. Will be in good standing with the Grand Council of Sovereign Clans. Bilingual Spanish/English is in great demand. Bilingual in any language and English is also desirable as one of our goals is to provide basic Progeny training documents in all of the languages used by our great community.

Current Scribes Leaders

Elder (Elder)

Verðandi Church Franizzi (Verdandii Mercury)

Guild Master (Grand Master Scribe)

  • Ɗυƈӄєє ԑւᶑrլեcի Ѵєηąηɖί (duckee1213)

Master Scribes

  • Eʀɪs Cʜᴜʀᴄʜ Fʀᴀɴɪᴢᴢɪ (SelenyBouchard)
  • Oρнєℓια Rσѕє ƇƑ S'Jєηια (opheliarose.ravenhurst)

Vampire Scribes

Journeyman Scribe:

  • Îֆǟɮɛʟʟǟ ǟ̲ӀմҟąհֆȶօⱤɱ ȘiηčlǟɨR (may.vayandar)
  • 罪Ŝiи ԑ.Ŧ. ℓιвєяє Şíլvєrfαլլ (sinkittenkcb)

Apprentice Scribe:

  • ƝiиfĄ ๖ۣۜBℓσσdDяαgσи (ninfadanoite)
  • ғɪᴀ ʜғ ʀɑѵɛɳᴡᴜʟғ ʟɪᴏɴʜᴇᴀʀᴛ (fia.ravenhurst)~ Therianthrope
  • ℳϊʀαgε کtคг Wυlғ (MiraJini Resident) ~ Therianthrope
  • rhάvyn kitάj άƖάstor ɓrάνɛhάrt (rhavyn.kitaj)
  • мađđie îммσятαℓi (madee.revere)-Therianthrope


  • Ɠἷʛἷ Ṩᾄвʀᾄ ȘiηčlǟɨR ℭąƦţɧąɠє (gigi Firecloak) (Translates French)
  • ƝiиfĄ ๖ۣۜBℓσσdDяαgσи (ninfadanoite) ( Back up French)
  • ๖ۣۣۜK㊉Ϯ ƑƦȧηɨℤℤɨ (maurooo1) (Translation Russian)
  • Eʀɪs Cʜᴜʀᴄʜ Fʀᴀɴɪᴢᴢɪ (SelenyBouchard) (Translates Italian)
  • Îֆǟɮɛʟʟǟ ǟ̲ӀմҟąհֆȶօⱤɱ ȘiηčlǟɨR (may.vayandar) (Translates Portuguese )
  • ϯ Lola Cнurcн Franizzi ϯ (hayasel) ( Back Up Portuguese)
  • Şσρɦιą Łυχ ƊєŁαυϮєя (dulcesophia) (Translates Spanish)
  • զʊɨռ ϟツ ɮέʀֆέʀӄɛʀ™ツ ϟ (quinyoo) (Translates Chinese)
  • Dᴀɴɪᴇʟʟᴇ ᴅᴇ Mᴏɴᴛᴍᴏʀᴇɴᴄʏ-Lᴀᴠᴀʟ (danielas2000) ( Translates German)

Familiar Scribe:

  • LαɗуƊ Bεąųŗεɠąŗđ Nïŧεş™ (ladyd6959.meistrich)

Scribes through the years


Bun (ramblingal)

Aile (ailel.stormcrow)

Ɗąяᶅḭɳɠȶȏɳ Ŕαρђαεլ Ƈąяσlιŋą ღ (darlington.carolina)

ϯ Đ十ოἶη十 ŦRѧηἶzzἶ ϯ (domino.franizzi)

Adira Lastchance

Miller Vemo (johnmiller.vemo)

Ƙαтєяιηα (katerina.kirax)

Bεlz Ɗαякмαттεя Ƭяαρđσσя (belzebat.darkmatter)

Μεլí Śíլaναѕí (melinke)

Raven Darkmatter (raven.oppenbaum)

ϟМąƈɧ Ҡørviиuѕzϟ (machiavilli)

Reesha Gemini (reesha) * Lady Sange de Viata

Rose Darwin (rosemarie.stratten) **


Miller Vemo (johnmiller.vemo)

Reesha Gemini (reesha) * Lady Sange de Viata

Mιđσгι Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Ðєzησ-Ogg (midori.melodious)

Aile (ailel.stormcrow)

Ϯ Imperia DarkMoon Ϯ (imperiadarkmoon)

Bun (ramblingal) 420 soul (vampstoner420)

Ɗąяᶅḭɳɠȶȏɳ Ŕαρђαεլ Ƈąяσlιŋą ღ (darlington.carolina)

Missy Monaghan (missy.redinamus) **

Mƴεᾔ Vemo (myen.mosswood)

Kella (kellandra)

Μεլí Śíլaναѕí (melinke)

Ϯ Lacrymosa Ϯ Hallowed Witch Ϯ (athoriabloodrose)

Ayla Băutor de Sânge (Ayla67 Resident) * Ayla Ishtari (ayla67)

ƁαƁʋ ԑւᶑrլեcի îммσятαlî (mrbabu.szpringer)

Oran (oran1988)


ŋĪçҚկ ŋկოթђƐą (nicky.zoon)

Ðεmmï (demonicarising)

Ƙαтєяιηα (katerina.kirax)

Mιđσгι Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Ðєzησ-Ogg (midori.melodious)

Ϯ Imperia DarkMoon Ϯ (imperiadarkmoon)

Nashirem Darkfold

Łμςεţţε ĄηgεŁ Ϣyηηţεɾ (lorennerose)

Lucius Pureblood * Lυcιƒєя Ʋєѕρєяαє (esotericeon)

Thaumata Strangelove

Bandit Valkyrie * Bandit (craehe)

Leopold Ansar - Eames (Leopold Ansar)

Ayla Ishtari (ayla67)

V (viperatos)

Salena Esposito Jackson (salenajackson) **

Tsy Collette Ravensblood *Ƭşƴ C٥ƖƖεʈʈε RąνεƞşѢƖ٥٥ḑ (tsyeite)


Mιđσгι Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Ðєzησ-Ogg (midori.melodious)

Bandit Valkyrie *Bandit (craehe)

Katerina Kirax-Franizzi * Ƙαтєяιηα (katerina.kirax)

Bandit (craehe)

Leopold Ansar Eames-Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (leopold.ansar)

ღ Ṕяιṁṁý Åṁвяσşןσ ღ (Prim033110)

Lαđץ Bαηđίt Vαlкץяίє (Craehe Resident)

ツĈяуѕtαl ϮĐεαtђϮ ĄოßяøѕíøTM (barigarrett Resident) *


ღ Ṕяιṁṁý Åṁвяσşןσ ღ (prim033110)

Leopold Ansar Eames-Нєᴌᴄаяаxё (leopold.ansar)

Lυςίƒeг Нєᴌᴄаяаxё-ǷυгeЬlσσɗ (esotericeon)

Łуηαх Ãѵαløη (lynax)

Kittie Blessed

Ąηα Ďeceιt (autum.wonder)

ɱιdσгι ßгανeɦeαгէ (midoriprincess Resident)


Ṕяιṁṁý Н.ߣɑςκвμяи Ɱoretti (prim033110)

Åπα Ďeceιt ßløøđЯøşε (autum.wonder)

Luɴα Aεեʜεʀ (missy Wardark)

Ϯмαяcυѕ ßrαveħeαгt MαlкανιαиϮ (Arcangel28) - ESP

Niecho Vollmar *иɪᴇᴄʜᴏ ᴠᴏʟʟᴍᴀя (niecho.vollmar)

κλȘȘίε βєllєʍσrṫ (RnielZen Resident)

Şυηđαє Ƥђσєɳιχ Rσšє ßlợợđ (Sundae29 Resident)

Iralma Cu’Saith (IralmaC Resident)

Mogovtle Cu'Saith (Mogovtle)

ƝɨckĪz Լɛ ВrĪη βєllєʍσrṫ (inykol)

кαт εяεsнкιgαl ғяαηιzzι (katerina.kirax)

Mιđσгι Ălαstoг-ßrαveħeαгt (midoriprincess)


Ållу Eνєу Quȋɲɲ (allymariko)

ǀяαƖмα Ƈυ'Sαιтн (iralmac)

ღ Ayłєє Hαłsŧєαd of Avαłon ღ (aylee55)

KarolinaHerrera Auster

Lady Kali Fang * Kali ŦaηgTM (kaliesie)

Wɑɳɗɛʀ M. Ałcøŧŧ Aie (princesorolla)

Verðandi ςhurςh ɗεɭ Pöɳʈεʋεččɨö (verdandii)

ᑭяιмму Ð'Åmσυя ŦR十UBLES Ɲเţчα (prim033110)

Irina Andrushkiv Malkavian

Allie Nichole Wayne of Avalon (aliceg1018)


Ӎıʞĕ Cυяѕєd ̖́ (michael9494/mike.hexem)

Ϯ ϮƑσяєνєяϮ Ϯ (dfg38)

Morgan Forsaken Crowley (aschwann)

Lυиα Ɲιgнтѕнαdє Ƒσʀsαᴋєɴ (selenybouchard)

Verðandi ςhurςh ɗεɭ Pöɳʈεʋεččɨö (verdandii)

мσяgɑηɑ ɑԵɾɑ ԵҽʍρҽsԵɑs (morgana8769)

ƊƲƇƘЄЄ ѴЄƝƛƝƉł (duckee1213)

Holly Czarny Macarthur Eames (hollyhobbiecreighton)

Ɠaνεη Ŧaηg Ŧσгѕaκεη (gaven.zenfold)

Єhαωєє Ŧαηg Ðяαgση (ehawee2016)

Мαяıε Ðяαɢσп Pöɳʈεʋεččɨö (marievanachter)


MIKE (mike.hexem)

Мαяıʌ Ðяαɢσп Ŧʌпɢ (marievanachter)MαRία Ðяαɢσп ʟɛɮօʀֆӄɨ

Ɠaνεη Ŧaηg Ŧσгѕaκεη (gaven.zenfold)

мσяgɑηɑ ɑԵɾɑ ԵҽʍρҽsԵɑs (morgana8769)

Holly Czarny Macarthur Eames (hollyhobbiecreighton)

ƊƲƇƘЄЄ ѴЄƝƛƝƉł (duckee1213)

ЄӇƛѠЄЄ ƊЯƛƓƠƝ ƑƛƝƓ (ehawee.ravenhurst)

Lenwe Silverweb

ʍօʀɢǟռ ƈʀօաʟɛʏ (aschwann)

BƦiєnnє ĎعŴιηŧҽɾ ƇαƖςᴜեե (victoria.heartsong)


ƊƲƇƘЄЄ ѴЄƝƛƝƉł (duckee1213)

ᴍᴏʀɢᴀɴ ᴀʏsɢᴀʀᴛʜ (aschwann)

Lᴜɴᴀ Rᴏᴡʟᴇʏ Aʏsɢᴀʀᴛʜ (selenybouchard)

Lιgнтиιиg Shεεhαη ߣɑςκвμяи (theenemyofangels)

мσяgɑηɑ ɑԵɾɑ ԵҽʍρҽsԵɑs (morgana8769)

Lenwe Silverweb

Mυɾƅєllα Rɛνɛŋ (murbella88)

Shiηi Ⱥɀʊяą ĐιҩѴƖơ Pöɳʈεʋεččɨö (shinigamiazura)

BƦiєnnє ĎعŴιηŧҽɾ ƇαƖςᴜեե (victoria.heartsong)

ℤēɨηȧ (zeina.bloodrose) (German)

Therians Scribes


MysticQ ๖̶ۣۣۣۣۜۜۜۜ͜͜ζ͜͡ ΜαccoŊ Ɯu (mysticq)

Mɨεɭɨκκɨ Dгεκι Ŧσгѕaκεη (raynagreyskull)

ƜɪČkعժ ɪяoηιє Ðrαgoste Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot)

亗 ĈєŁєŞŦíαŁ ŴσŁƒ ƘгεεϮ 亗 (celestialgypsy.serpente)

Sıиƒul Ţɾuęßlòód (sinfullilsecret)

мiяαgε รtคг Wolf (mirajini)

Red HellRaiser BloodFang (redhellraiser.bloodrose)

ƝƛƬƛƧӇƛ ƦƠƧЄ ƁԼƠƠƊƑƛƝƓ (natasha.bloodrose)

Lisiɱ ๖̶ۣۣۣۣۜۜۜۜ͜͜ζ͜͡ Ƭωιѕт (lisim.twist)

Zēɨηȧ ƁĻʘʘƊƦʘƧЄ (zeina.bloodrose)

Krysteen Czarny Macarthur (krysteen.macarthur)

Holly Czarny Macarthur Eames (hollyhobbiecreighton)

Former Linguists

- :亗:Vαlзяiз Dђαямą Eαмзƨ:亗: (valerie856) (ES)

- Ϯէმἶʂhმ Єαɱεʂ ʂεεκεɾƨϮ (taisha26) (ES)

- SɜRɜƝǟ Łɛ ВrĪη Sǟʟʋǟȶօʀɛ (serenaxxoxx) (ES)

- Ϯ Ƚơřҿǹƶǿ Ὀrłóѵ Ϯ (alejandroalvaro) (RU)

- (Diabulus159) (ES)

- ℤēɨηȧ Aεოἶlἶմʂ (Zeina.Bloodrose) German

Former Assistant

- Gabigaile Franizzi (Gabigaile)