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Progeny Overlords & System Support

The Source, Lachiel Vaher

Lachiel is the creator of Progeny. He is also the sole programmer/developer for the mechanics for the game system.

Apeiron, Oberon Eames

Oberon is the leader of the Diabolic development team, his core focus is the management of the system thus allowing The Source to focus on programming & system mechanics. The Aperion guides the system role play and marketing efforts which extends to ensuring stable growth for the system.

Diabolics are devils and not vampires. They stand outside of vampire society in that while they may choose to partake in blood-drinking for the pleasure of it, they do not need it to survive. Diabolic blood is poisonous to a vampire and biting a diabolic, or another vampire in the presence of a diabolic is a sure fire way to commit suicide by Diabolic.

Out of role play context, the diabolics are members of the development team. Every member of the team takes on their own projects, from maintenance to creative development through community-inclusive activities. Members of Progeny are encouraged to reach out to a Diabolic when they are experiencing technical issues.

  • The Diabolics serve to ensure stability for the community and the game system itself through the vested trust given to them by Lachiel and Oberon.
  • The Diabolics actively discuss subject matters that reach them that is deemed worthwhile to present amongst each other, or collectively with the Cambions in addition.
  • The Diabolics serve oftentimes with vigilance, observing The Source’s Progeny and keeping an eye out for both transgressors against the universal laws set forth, and the potential of Progeny who have invested in their existence through efforts tieing to the community in one form or another.

“The Diabolics are in part system developers but are also a living breathing part of the system and its mythology.” - The Source, February 24, 2014

Ancillary Diabolic a Diabolic role that replaces and enhances the previously unused roll of “Lesser Diabolic”. Ancillary Diabolics are full Diabolics, one rank above Cambion and one rank below Greater Diabolic. They have full voting rights and will be part of the Core Diabolic team. They may be able to assist with Support Issues as Greater Diabolics do, but that is not their role and more often than not, they will need to kick any issue up to the Greater Diabolics, so for the time being any support requests should be directed to the Greater Diabolics.

Cambions are an extension to the development team and add to the availability of personnel for members of the community to reach out to when they experience issues They are Diabolics in The Source’s creation of his own infernal social hierarchy. They nonetheless warrant an equal level of respect as would be given to any of the Greater Diabolics.

Infernals are hand-selected by a Diabolic or Cambion to assist in with their endeavors. Their role doesn’t supersede anyone else's unless there’s a clear indication that they’re actively working on a task given to them by their Patron Diabolic. While they assist Diabolics, they remain vampires and within the fold of the community. Their service stands so long as the necessity for their service is warranted. It should also be noted that in accepting an offer by a Diabolic to become one of their Infernals, the individual while being previously noted as an extension of the Diabolic, must be mindful of the fact that they, from then on, carry and reflect the reputation of both themselves and their Patron.

Political Structure

Blood Line Level

Arch Vampires act IC (in character) as the progenitors and Elders of their Blood_Lines. Arches are considered the Children of the Source and bridge the gap between their Progeny and the Source and Apeiron. The role of Arch Vampire was initially intended to be apolitical, however, the development of the community and system has caused this to become a gray area.

Both IC and OOC, the Arch Vampires are charged with communicating collectively as a team by bringing up subjects to one another as well as to the Source and Diabolics. OOC they have an Arch Conclave where they can discuss these matters freely. IC and in-world they have a majestic meeting room where they interview Progeny clan applicants.

The Blood Regent is the second in command of a Blood Line and is considered the Heir to the Blood. They are chosen by the Arch of the Line to assist them in maintaining their mission associated with their Blood Line. With a long-term absence or abdication of an Arch, the Blood Regent is transitioned to Arch Vampire. While some large lines may grant the rights and privileges of Blood Regent to more than one vampire in their structure, the system only recognizes one Blood Regent officially.

Clan Level

Sovereigns and Co-Sovereigns Sovereigns retain their independent rights to direct their Clan as they see fit, creating laws for their clan to uphold as a sovereign state. Such laws if not analogous with universally accepted laws upheld by all members of the GCSC are not applicable to others not part of said clan, nor is any clan member tied to existing under any clan as all members of the community are free to exist within any clan they choose and move freely without penalty. The rights of Sovereigns to create laws are upheld so long as said laws do not conflict with the laws or edicts of the Diabolic Conclave, which serve as a pact protecting vampires from the demonic wrath of the creatures of Hell. It is the Will of The Source Himself that sovereigns who transgress Diabolic Law CAN in extreme cases be removed and the clan placed under new ownership depending on circumstance and a sentence only agreed upon by the entire Diabolic Conclave along with The Apeiron and Source.”

Ambassador Second in Command of a Clan. How their role is conducted is largely independently up to the (Co-)Sovereign’s discretion. They have a right to sit and represent their Clan in the absence of their Sovereign.

Proxy Third in Command of a Clan. Likewise with the Ambassador, how a Proxy’s role is outlined is overall at the discretion of their (Co-)Sovereign(s). When neither Sovereign nor Ambassador is present, or if they wish to knowingly allow for the Proxy to represent their Clan, they are welcomed to have a seat at a GCSC meeting.

House Level

Princeps House Leader. They retain the right to independently direct their House as they see fit, so long as it is within the Laws of both the GCSC and the Clan they’re a part of. They have full access to representing their House at the Council of Houses (CoH).

Delegate Second in Command of a House. The finer details of the Delegate role is at the discretion of the Princeps. They otherwise have an inherent right to represent their House in the absence of the Princeps for the CoH.

Liaison Third in Command of a House. As mentioned with the Delegate role with details, the specific details of how it functions is at the discretion of the Princeps. If neither Princeps or Delegate is present, the Liaison may represent their House at the CoH.

Outside the Political Structure

Scribe's Guild Established in a time of need, where information was anywhere but all in one place, the Scribes Guild was established by the Diabolics, with Apeiron Oberon presiding as their Patron, to resolve the issue of fragmented information. They serve to record all GCSC and CoH meetings, as well as recording and providing the results of votes. Their secondary endeavor is to collect any information that evades the whole of the community to bring it under a single, distinguished body. Additional services do exist upon request, including the request to invite members of the community into the group as needed, as well as to document and record any events that may be requested.

Progeny Ushers Guild

History: The community lands of Progeny are vast and it is easy for the uninitiated to lose their way in the tunnels and never be heard from again...... To remedy this and save on costs recovering emaciated skeleton vampires, the dark diabolic powers that dwell in the depths of the lands instituted the role of Progeny Usher to those vampires of intelligence and character skilled in the greeting and guiding of those visiting the homelands of all the creatures of the night.

A role of great esteem, these Progeny Ushers are points of contact on the land and a light in the darkness......

Today: The Progeny Ushers Service has become the Progeny Usher Guild. We now serve in our historical capacity and have evolved into Mobile Teachers and Helpers. Ushers are trained to assist new vampires and Lycanthropes in the Use of Progeny, tools and Items so they may assist any who seek aid. Ushers now serve all progeny locations. Orientation Guild, Scribes Guild, Port of Entry and Progeny Castle Grounds and Heartstone Museum. Future plans include formation of the Progeny Lycanthrope Ushers Guild as we continue to evolve to serve our community better.

Progeny Events Guild

Progeny Orientation Guild

Progeny Ravage Guild

The Ravage is combat role play which takes place on the Grave Designs sim in the arena. This location makes sure no one cheats and is a safe place for everyone to have fun. The ravage will only be with the progeny hud and fangs on both Wednesdays & Fridays.